Laws about bankruptcy don’t need a bankruptcy lawyer. However, going through bankruptcy proceedings is an unpleasant experience which can convince the bankrupt person to avail the assistance of a bankruptcy lawyer San Diego.


A person under bankruptcy must survive the embarrassment and its impact, particularly on his credit standing. The process is tiresome and mostly technical regarding its legal aspect. It may be too much to declare bankruptcy and at the same time fix the mess and survive the process.


The bankrupt client performs ten percent (10%) of the work in a bankruptcy proceeding. The client will also provide the assistance needed by the lawyer. The 10% may include:


1. Help identify the debts and the creditors to compute the total debt

2. Determine his total net worth to know the assets

3. To provide the lawyer with documentation, he needs to prepare the case


The bankruptcy lawyer shall perform the remaining ninety percent (90%). The bankruptcy lawyer San Diego will mostly do the staff work of consolidating the case into a strong one. This may include sorting the papers given him, summarizing the contents of the document and determining its relevance to the case.


The bankruptcy lawyer San Diego will face the court and represent the client. It is the lawyer who will convince the court of the need to help the bankrupt client. Court procedures, such as the documents to file, and periods to file them, may be too technical to comply with by the client. These acts need knowledge with the legal proceeding such as a lawyer.


The bankruptcy lawyer San Diego will be the person who will do everything to protect the client’s interest. The lawyer will be the one who will deal with the creditors and seek whatever compromise or agreement they are willing to make for the bankrupt client. The effects of bankruptcy are harsh and may leave the client with almost nothing other than those for his most basic needs for his survival. Thus, it is up to the lawyer to ensure that, after the proceedings, the client remains standing with the chance to start a new life.


During the bankruptcy proceedings, creditors will also do anything to get back what the bankrupt person owes them. They will resort to actions, within the bounds of the law, which includes garnishment, lawsuits, foreclosure and other forms of harassment.


The bankruptcy lawyer San Diego will shield the client from all these harassments because that is the reason why he is paid. The client may even have properties which he wants to keep, such as a car, house or other personal belongings. During the bankruptcy process, these things may be gone. The services of the lawyer will give the client the chance to save them.


One reason that stops a client from getting a bankruptcy lawyer San Diego is the professional fees. Some find the rate too high and too much considering the case is a bankruptcy where the client is in financial distress. However, the fees will be worth it. Bankruptcy might take away most of the properties of the client. A little more than $1000 might make them stay.