file000928022952VeriSign SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) also known as Symantec SSL Certificates is security Technology Company that facilitates an encrypted communication between a web user and the web-browser. The service is used in online businesses by millions of users in order to reduce the risk of sensitive information such as, usernames, passwords, and credit card numbers, email addresses etc. From being exposed and stolen by identity thieves and hackers.


Being a platinum partner with Symantec certificate authority, there are multiple advantages for purchasing VeriSign SSL.


Malware Scanning


Malware is a malicious software used by hackers as a weapon to exploit and manipulate your website and server security by injecting virus codes in your website that will spread to website users. This exposes your customers to theft of sensitive data such as bank, credit or personal details. VeriSign daily malware scanning servers helps to scan and analyze the webpage code. This includes the iFrame and JavaScript scanning as well as the behavioral analysis of the webpage to identify malware that might be activated during webpage display. This is the most important feature of the service as malwares are usually executed during the website display. Malware scanning helps to examine the webpage notifying you the infected pages and the code causing the error.


Norton Security Seal


VeriSign comes along with it the worlds trusted and highly recognized Norton Security seal. The SSL checkmark on the internet is currently combined with Norton. The seal offers a ôclick to verifyö checkmark identity to website owners. By clicking on the seal, one is able to view the business owners verified information such as business locality, name, address etc. the Norton seal therefore helps you to build trust by converting visitors to customers as a customerÆs safety and trust is guaranteed when doing business online.


NetSure Warranty


VeriSign SSL certificates are backed -up by NetSure Protection Plan that protects VeriSign Customers against losses that might have resulted from protocol breaching. ItÆs only VeriSign that has the highest NetSure Warranty of up-to $1500K with web security solutions and SSL certificates.


Seal in Search


The VeriSign Seal-in-Search adds the Norton Secured Seal next to your website that result to link in search plus result of search engines such as Bing, Google, Yahoo etc. the seal helps website customer to identify the genuine VeriSign trusted website from the many search results.


Increased conversions


Being the SSL industryÆs standard of encryption, VeriSign SSL certificates can help increase conversions of your website. One of the major customer concerns when purchasing from any site is usually security. Lack of trusted or unrecognizable security on your website is usually damaging to business. When using VeriSign SSL certificate you are certainly guaranteed a boost in your profit margins as more clients and customers are going to flock your website that bears the trusted site mark. Additionally, it helps them to purchase safely and freely as they donÆt have to worry about of personal details getting exposed.


Apart from the good services provided by VeriSign, they do have cons, which includes being;




Although VeriSign offers its users services as they pay, the services are simply too expensive as many website owners who might want to secure their websites might not be able to buy the premium packages that offer the best protection. Furthermore, there are other SSL competitors in the market that offer affordable services without the huge price tag.


Confusing Branding.


VeriSign is currently known as Symantec after rebranding. Because of the change, many people are still unfamiliar with Symantec and this might be confusing to the customers as Symantec has a new logo that is more vibrant that the previous one.