apple-589640_1920If you have been in the transport business for quite some time now, it’s quite likely that you are well aware of the importance of “Cash-in-hand” in this particular industry. Without cash, you just can’t move forward in the transport business because cash is required for virtually every transaction such as paying fuel bills, employee salaries, repairs and maintenance bills and other expenses. It’s not that the transport business does not generate cash. It certainly does so, but since most credit freight invoices have a waiting period of 30 to 90 days, transport companies often find it difficult to procure the requisite amount of cash, especially when it is needed the most.

To tide over cash problems, what you can do is opt for the services of a freight factoring company. When you do so, the freight factoring company takes over all your credit freight invoices and provides you with cash in two installments, totaling the value of your credit freight invoices. The first cash installment is usually around 90 percent and you get this in one or two business days. The remaining balance will be remitted to you after the freight factoring company has collected the dues from all your clients.

The freight factoring company will certainly deduct the factoring charges from your last installment, but that should not be the issue because even if you had opted for a bank loan, you would have been required to pay interest; not to mention the tough process of procuring the necessary documents and signing collaterals that banks usually require before lending you the required amount. As such, paying factoring fee, which is usually in the range of 1.5 to 5 percent, is a small price to pay for procuring the much-needed ‘cash’.

Freight factoring can certainly help your transport business grow, but for that to actually materialize, you will first have to select a freight factoring company that best suits the specific needs and requirements of your transport business. For this, you need to check out the reputation and track record of the factoring company. This is necessary because eventually it is the factoring company that will be dealing with your clients and if it uses coercive measures for recovering the dues, you might end up losing your clients. So, before you sign a contract with a freight company, make sure that it does not have a history of using unethical means for recovering the dues from clients.

For best results, it is recommended that you do not enter into long-term contracts with a freight factoring company until and unless its reputation and credibility has been firmly established. If you ignore this vital advice, an unscrupulous freight factoring company can easily contribute to the downfall of your business by harassing your clients even when they might be willing to pay their dues. A short-term factoring contract will help because then you will have the option to switch over to a different freight factoring company, in case you are not satisfied with the factoring services of the former. That’s the best freight factoring tip that you can use for increasing the profitable possibilities for your transport business.